Simple Tips to Enhance the Curb Appeal of Homes for Sale in Hampton Roads

Simple Tips to Enhance the Curb Appeal of Homes for Sale in Hampton Roads

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By simply increasing the curb appeal of your homes for sales in Hampton Roads, you can attract more buyers and sell it for your asking price. Here are some tips to spruce up your home and its exteriors.

There are many ways in which you can add charm to your homes for sale in Hampton Roads. Here are some of the less expensive ones.

First impressions count

The buyer should fall in love with your home as soon as they look at it. Apply a fresh coat of paint on the front and garage doors. Choose a warm and inviting colors like soft gray or warm tan. Replace or update light fixtures. Broken door handles or knockers also need to be replaced. Place potted plants on either side of the front entrance. They add color and freshness.

Give the exterior of your home a thorough cleaning. You can rent a power washer from the local hardware store. Thoroughly clean the front porches, garage doors, and siding. You should also clean dirty sidewalks.

Basic landscaping

Overgrown bushes and branches should be trimmed back. Nothing should hide the front of your house. This will also allow you to take better photographs of your home. A hidden home will not have many takers.

Taking care of homes for sale in Hampton Roads isn’t all that difficult. All you need is a little extra time. Remove fallen leaves and dead branches to make your home look rejuvenated. If you have a lawn, make sure it is mowed properly. A poorly maintained lawn with dead grass or dirt will turn off most buyers. Also, remove weeds. Take a photo from the street to see how well your property looks.

If you can’t afford professional landscaping, at least spruce up your garden with new plants, flowers, and bushes. Line the garden or lawn with a brick border or stone wall to complete the look.

Keep walkways and driveways in good condition

Hiring someone to re-pave the driveway can cost a lot of money. But if you already have a sealed driveway, it does not take much money, time, or effort to seal it. A newly sealed driveway creates a great visual impact. Remember that cracks and stains can easily spoil the appearance of your driveway.

Take care of your windows

Most buyers inspect your windows from the outside and the inside. Torn screens or cracked windows are major turn offs for them. Replace torn screens and repair cracked windows. Windowsills should be cleaned and the windows have to be washed on both sides.

Don’t ignore the sheds or fences

A lot of people assume that the sheds or fence are not a part of the house, so they just ignore them. That is a mistake. All of these come with the house so give them a fresh paint job. Most people are looking for a home they can readily move in. When buyers see a rusted fence or cracked paint, they will assume that the property requires a lot of repairs.

Buyers have been showing a lot of interest in homes for sale in Hampton Roads and for all the right reasons. The city is all set to see a property boom.

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