Charity – Cat Rescue Presentation

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Prime Shield Home Investments sponsored an Presentation to help the local rescues in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Our Mission Statements:

“Enhancing cat rescue education to better help our feline population & their Caretakers!”

You will have below our entire presentation as well as a printable PDF documents to keep training your new fosters!

We also added a BONUS on Hairball Control / Vomiting in cats!  This great Feline Population does have a lot of it! 🙂

A special Thank You to West Beach Tavern to offer a room and audio-visual equipment, Cristina McCoy for research and helping putting up presentation and Dr. Sevigny for working on the presentation and giving us a Live Feed on FaceBook and answer all the multiple questions.


Thank you for everybody that came by today!!

   Here attached is the Power Point slides we had for this presentation, the Live Stream Video we did on that day and the possibility to print the document/hand out!

   Hope this can help our community and cat rescuers! Thank you for all your hard work!


Live Video Presentation:

Presentation to print 3-in-1: Cat Rescues 3-in-1


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