Projects That Increase the Value of Your House for Sale in Portsmouth VA

Projects That Increase the Value of Your House for Sale in Portsmouth VA

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There are some simple value additions that encourage buyers to make a good offer on your house for sale in Portsmouth VA. If you want to sell your home in the spring, you have to start making the preparations in the fall.

Simple home improvement projects can substantially increase the value of your property. Before your start, take a look at your home from the perspective of a buyer. Are you impressed with what you see? Are there issues that would prevent you from making an offer? If so, now is the time to tackle them.

Here are some projects that would keep your house for sale in Portsmouth VA in great shape when potential buyers come knocking on the door.

Improve the curb appeal of your home

Curb appeal projects should ideally be tackled in the fall so that you can have a gorgeous yard in the spring. The first thing that buyers see is the exterior of your home. If it looks appealing, you have won half the battle. Trim the bushes and remove those dead plants and leaves from the garden. Pressure wash the front walk, the driveway and the exteriors of your home. Also, paint the walls if required.

Get your home inspected

Most buyers insist on having a home inspection before completing the purchase. Don’t wait until a potential buyer asks for an inspection. Get it done before listing the property. This way you can avoid nasty surprises down the lane. If the inspection reveals problems, you can repair them before listing the property. Buyers may offer a lower price if they see that your home requires repairs.

Replace flooring

Your carpets probably need to be replaced or at least deep-cleaned. If you are replacing carpeting, see if another flooring material will be more appealing. Invest in ceramic tiles or hardwood flooring if your budget permits it. Inspect all the rooms to see if they need a paint job. Paint the whole walls because touch-ups don’t produce the desired results. And while repainting the walls, be sure to choose neutral colors. Loud or eccentric colors might appeal to your tastes, but most buyers find them repelling. The recommended wall colors are off-whites, light grays, and beiges.

Don’t overlook the basement, garage or attic

These storage havens are often overlooked and over the years may have accumulated a lot of junk. Organize them. Get rid of all unwanted stuff. Install hanging brackets for sporting equipment and bicycles and pegboards for tools. Also, free up space in your basement and closets. If there are clothes and other items that you no longer use, you can donate or recycle them. Your closets should look organized, roomy and clean.

Hire a staging expert

Staged homes command higher prices. Buyers want to be able to visualize themselves living happily in the house for sale in Portsmouth VA. This is not possible if your home is full of personal items. A stager can help to depersonalize your space. Update or neutralize outdated d├ęcor. Update light fixtures and remove old furnishings. You also need to ensure that the items on display – curtains, pillows, towels – have an upscale look to them.

Buyers have become savvier than ever. They may have looked at tons of homes online before walking into your home. Impress them with these tips.

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