Go Ahead and Buy That Expensive Bath Salt – Staging Secrets for Your Homes for Sale in Portsmouth VA

Go Ahead and Buy That Expensive Bath Salt – Staging Secrets for Your Homes for Sale in Portsmouth VA

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We all know that staged homes for sale in Portsmouth VA command higher prices. Staging highlights the positive aspects of a home. Good staging strategies can even hide its shortcomings. By encouraging the buyer to see only the plus points of homes for sale in Portsmouth VA, staging increases their selling price.

So does that mean that you should spend a fortune on luxury staging items? No. There are several inexpensive items with a luxurious feel to them. Those fancy final touches have the potential to dramatically increase the price of homes for sale Portsmouth VA. Keep in mind that you are not selling a home, you are selling a lifestyle.

The basics of emotional selling

Buyers have several reasons to buy homes for sale Portsmouth VA. A new roof or a kitchen remodel is just one of them. Staging works on your emotions. Emotions play a huge role in decision making. In fact, people who suffer damage to the part of the brain controlling emotions cannot take decisions. MRI scans have also shown how emotions affect consumers’ perception of brands. Fancy names attract consumers. By contrast, they find generic names much less appealing. People want to get associated with things that seem upscale. Everyone desires to have more than what they already have. Studies have also shown that when the perceived price of wine increases, its enjoyment also increases.

Think about your home as a brand name and all the other homes on the market as its generic versions. Those homes may have more or less the same amenities as your home, but if your home also has some fancy items, the buyer will fall in love with it. Even a jar of bath salts or a fancy wine decanter can give the impression that you are used to a fancy lifestyle. The buyers will obviously be enamored by it and want to enjoy it themselves.

You are not supposed to spend a fortune on staging. Your staging efforts should be appropriate for the price range of your home. Still, add a few items here and there to make the home feel a notch above the rest. If you can create the impression that your home is a must-buy, buyers will readily fall in love with it.

Your home is an excellent representation of your accomplishments. That is the reason you splurge on it. If you can make your home look luxurious, you do not have to try too hard to convince aspiring buyers to make an offer on it. When they see that your home will give them the lifestyle they desire, they will want it for themselves.

How to leverage luxury

You don’t need a lot of luxury items to lend an upscale look to your home. You can find fancy items like bath salts or lovely bed linen sets at several discount stores. There are also certain items that don’t cost much. For example, oversized, overstuffed throw pillows look luxurious but they cost more or less the same as standard pillows.

When buying luxury items, think about the lifestyle you are trying to promote. Bath salts work because they help create a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom. While few people can actually have a spa in their home, it is something a lot of people aspire to have.

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