How to Get Rid of Pet Odors from Your Portsmouth VA Real Estate

How to Get Rid of Pet Odors from Your Portsmouth VA Real Estate

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If you have been living with your pet for a long time, you would have certainly become nose blind to their odor, but that is not the case with the potential buyers of Portsmouth VA real estate. The people of this city love animals, but they will notice the odor as soon as they step into your home. You will probably not want to hear this, but having a pet indoors can actually prevent your house from getting sold.

Let’s face it… Portsmouth VA real estate buyers aren’t enamored with pet odors. So before inviting people to tour your home, you should ask a friend or relative whether your home is smelly. If so, don’t worry. There are ways to eliminate the foul smell.

Ensure that your rooms are properly ventilated

While cleaning your home, throw open the windows so that fresh air can circulate through your rooms. Properly ventilated homes smell good. Once the house is free of odors, do whatever you can to keep it that way. If possible, keep your dog outdoors or crate it. Remove pet bedding – it would have strong odors of your little (or big) one.

Scrub floors and walls

If your floors or walls are soiled by pets, scrub them with odor-neutralizing products or vinegar. Vinegar will make sure that Portsmouth VA real estate buyers don’t get a whiff of that nasty smell.

Wash window coverings

If you have pets, even your fabrics can smell. Wash window coverings with a detergent or dry clean them. Upholstered furniture can be steam-cleaned. Some steam cleaners can remove pet hair.

Clean carpets and rugs

Give your rugs and carpets a thorough clean. You can do this yourself or you can hire pros. Once the carpet dries, you will probably want to ask your friend to do a sniff test again. If it still smells, you may want to try deodorizing treatments. If deodorizing also fails to remove the odors, you will have to replace the carpeting. After removing the carpets and rugs, use vinegar to scrub the subfloor. Now install new carpets and rugs. If the subfloor also smells, you will have to remove it too. But that will become too expensive.

Paint or seal walls

If heavy-duty cleaners can’t fully eradicate smells in plaster, drywall, or woodwork, apply a fresh coat of paint. If that too does not help, replace the drywall as well. Apply a sealant on walls as that will prevent the odors from reemerging.

Use perfumes or scented candles

Add mild fragrances to the bathrooms and kitchen. Be careful not to go overboard. Some buyers are sensitive to perfumes. Place scented candles in various places or a bowl of potpourri in the foyer.

Control urine odor

If you have indoor pee pads for your dog, replace them with new pads each time your pet goes. Throw the soiled pads in a trash bin. Be sure to close the lid tightly. Clean litter box every day. Also, hide it from visitors.

Relocate Pets

If you have friends or relatives who are willing to take care of your pets while you are trying to find a buyer for your home, consider sending your pets to their place for a short while. If that is not possible, at least make sure that your pets are away during showings. You also need to put away their toys, towels, and dishes.

Don’t allow pet odors to repel potential Portsmouth VA real estate buyers. Follow these tips to keep your home free of foul odors.

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