Some Facts about Selling Houses in Portsmouth VA

Some Facts about Selling Houses in Portsmouth VA

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Looking for attractive rates while selling houses in Portsmouth VA? Talk to your friends and family and they’ll give you several tips. And still, even research savvy customers make mistakes while making a sale and negotiating a deal. Why? With so much information – from friends and from the internet, we all need to be pros, right? Not necessarily. Real estate transactions are quite complex. That is why you need the expertise of an agent on your side while selling houses in Portsmouth VA.

Here are a few things you need to know about real estate investments and transactions.

Sellers who hire an agent reap rich benefits

While it is true that real estate agents charge a fee, working with them is the easiest way to get the best price for houses in Portsmouth VA. An experienced agent can easily analyze the pros and cons of each offer and help you choose the best deal.

It makes sense to spruce up your home before putting it on the market

It’s true – first impressions count, so before listing your home, do all that you can to improve its curb appeal. Also, make sure to de-clutter your space. Organize your cupboards and drawers. Give your doors and windows a good wash. Apply a fresh coat of paint on your walls. Mow the lawn and add some fresh plants and flowers to the garden.

Price it right

You want the highest price possible, but the buyer wouldn’t be interested if your home isn’t worth its price. When you list a new home, you’ll get several offers. The first few weeks are the best. However, as the home stays on the listings for more than just a few weeks, it gets fewer and fewer proposals. A stale home doesn’t get many takers. Has your home stayed on the listings for too long? Planning to offer a discount? Plan again. Instead of offering a discount, price it right – right from the beginning.

Stage to sell

Staging helps sell a home for a higher price. When you stage a home, the buyer can easily visualize themselves living in that space. As a result, they are more likely to make a better offer. Besides, staging highlights the positive aspects of your home and even encourages buyers to overlook its shortcomings. If there are any necessary repairs to be made, plan them right now. Not making the repairs will be more harmful as they will lower the rates of your property.

Selling it yourself is not a great idea

The vast majority of sellers hire an agent. Actually, only about 8 percent sellers now do it on their own. Real estate transactions are complex in many ways. If you do not have an experienced agent working for you, it is not easy to get the best price for your home. Studies have also shown that the average price of houses in Portsmouth VA sold without an agent is significantly lower than the average price of homes sold with the expertise of an agent.

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